12th CBSE Package (Regular) (23-24)

12th CBSE Package (Regular) (23-24)

Language: English and Hindi

Valid Till: 2024-03-31

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Why this course?


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Subscribing to UKIC Online opens you up to a plethora of academic content specially curated by expert faculty with its simplistic language and easy-to-understand examples.

UKIC Online helps simplify the learning of complex concepts in an effortless and straightforward manner.

Content offered at UKIC Online are:

  • Live Conceptual Video Lectures for Accounts, Economics and BS
  • Special doubt solving videos and solution videos of difficult questions
  • Theoretical Notes of all subjects and "Must Learn IMP Questions"
  • Live Lectures during exams to solve last-minute doubts and confusions
  • Specially curated mock and practice question papers prepared by UKIC  EXPERT Faculty
  • Diet tips and motivational videos to keep up the morale
  • Career guidance sessions and workshops for students to choose the correct career path

Brief about UKIC

Using unique methods and specialized teaching-learning processes, we strive to help a student fulfill his potential and achieve excellence.

Every year UKIC produces numerous "BOARD RANKERS" due to the dedication and effort put in by the highly experienced team of expert faculty. Using scientifically proven methods and techniques, academic content is delivered by the faculty, To make things more interesting, videos also contain MEMES and POP Culture references at particular places where children are prone to get bored or feel sleepy. 

About the Faculty

UKIC Online is proud of its terms of young, and creative faculties Possessing a dynamic personality, they instantly capture the student's attention and use innovative methods to simplify complex concepts. Faculties are engaged in extensive research to develop academics and remain up-to-date.


UKIC has a proven record of Board rankers in the Last 7 years!

How to access the course after buying it?

After buying the course, log-in again and you will get access in your my courses.


What to Do after buying the course?

Contact our admin team +91 7046094587. They will allot you the batch and guide you with your time table and Back up procedures.


How to study after buying the course?


The student will get a timetable beforehand so they know their schedule. The schedule for tests, exams and lectures are well planned so that the student can perform well. At the beginning of each lecture, the faculty introduces the topic and gives a brief before moving forward with the explanation. Also, during the lecture, faculties stress on points that are very important and must be learnt immediately. As the lecture progresses, the student will get a brief idea on how to study using the given study material.


Will online teaching give the same justice as classroom teaching?

At UKIC, we have been conducting online studies for the last 3 years. Unlike other zoom classes, ours is a special website that creates easy access and makes it easier to study anytime, anywhere. The only thing missing would be a physical presence. Apart from that full justice would be given to teaching. Right from notes to lectures to tests and assessments. Papers are checked regularly and parents receive an SMS of marks. UKIC Online's seamless teaching nearly makes you forget about the digital barrier. It is just like sitting in the class, from the comfort of your home. What's more, this is not an emergency measure due to lockdown. UKIC's tried and tested online teaching methods have received tremendous response for last 3 years and students love even the online lecture tests. This happens only on UKICOnline. 


What content is provided in the course at UKICOnline?

For Accountancy TS Grewal will be preferred at starting and then CBSE Model Papers. It also includes a Live Class for every subject and also PYQ (Previous year Questions) and Notes will be provided so all the chapters will be covered.

For Economics and BS (Organisation of Commerce) - Live Class, Notes related to it and Quiz to evaluate after Lecture.


Apart from that quizzes, specially created lecture tests, and regular exams will also be covered. For Eco and BA, students will get systematic notes of all chapters including live lectures, mind maps, quizzes, lecture tests, and exams. Wholesome education from the comfort of your home- only with UKICOnline. 


What content is provided in doubt solving?

Step-wise solutions of all the difficult as well as essential examples and practice exercise questions where students are bound to have doubts or make mistakes.


Is any additional material required to be solved after this course?

Well, our team of experts are working day and night to provide you with the best content. Past examination questions, Revision test papers, and Mock test papers developed by our faculty are provided. All this content is sufficient to score high marks in 12th Boards.


How to ask doubts?

Our content has been created and curated in such a way that it can be easily understood. Separate doubt-solving video lectures are also provided with the package which is taken live to ensure that doubts are solved. But still, if you have any doubts, a comments section is provided where you may ask your doubts. Also, you may contact our faculty by taking a prior appointment through the phone number provided below.


Is there any restriction on the number of devices that can access UKICOnline?

Yes. A maximum of 1 device can log in at a time. You can Use in 2 Web browsers and 2 Mobile Apps. If a found other device logs in, an error is displayed. Don't worry Call on Technical number +91 8160899431


So what are you waiting for? Join now and don't let anything delay your learning with UKIC Online.

For Queries:

Call: +917046094587

We will be happy to answer your queries.

Package Contents

12th Accounts CBSE 23-24
Dr Udayan Kachchhy
12th BS CBSE 23-24
Prof. Khushalee Kachchhy
12th Economics CBSE 23-24
Dr Udayan Kachchhy
12th Exam CBSE 23-24
Dr Udayan Kachchhy

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