Manyata Ashra
I scored 97.83 percentile in my HSC exam and I am pursuing BCom from HL college of Commerce while providing assistance in a upcoming Urban Gujarati film. All thanks to Udayan sir's dedication in motivating every student to pursue their dream careers.
Meet Gala
I am really thankful to Prof. Udayan Kachchhy for all his support. His teaching skill are just excellent as he makes everything thing easy to understand and adapt. He can make any subject easy to learn and  develop interest of any student in it. I am really lucky to have him as my Sir. 
Himani Gohil 
In any kind of success you need guidance inspiration and motivation which I got from Prof. Udayan sir. Sir has always helped in clearing concepts and made us learn formulas in very creative manner so that it was very easy to memories it and still today I can recollect it very easily. All thanks to him. Because normally students get very confused where to use which formula but due to him there was not such problem faced by me. 

Sir has always in theory or practical lectures given us external knowledge with that knowledge I am today studying in HL Institute of Commerce. When a student is studying, he/she always go for motivation lectures but I always got motivation with discipline time management taking correct decision to be a smart person from him. To anyone who believes in studying and not for getting marks but getting base clear knowledge to know about market situation one should prefer sir and sir has always been my guru and I have learned a lot things from him which I could never ever get from any place or person and sir has guided for their career preparations which is helpful to me also. 

At first, I was an introvert but because of sir I have learned how to speak properly in public or corporate world. When I attended the very first lecture and it was of accounts and yes I was just amazed from the very first day that I am at correct place and my concepts got clearer with every lecture. The practice lecture and the revision lecture were the best as it doesn't made me feel bored but helped me to do more practice as there was a positive atmosphere and it is truly said that when you study in positive atmosphere with positive person it is the best place to gain knowledge and sir is always positive in every situation which I had learned and how can I forget sir's dialogue "See the magic" as it creates curiosity in our mind to know about that and that curiosity has been developed by sir which proves that curiosity is the best teacher.

Deepanshi Chauhan
It’s not just a chapter,
But a lesson.
It’s not just fold that made us bold,
It’s not just learning,
But a blessing.
From hundreds of heartbeats,
To one soul body.
From typical heads,
To different modules.
From a compulsion,
To a habit.
From surprises,
To celebrations.
From stay back lectures,
To staying back.
From broken promises,
To unbroken friendships.
From rejected proposals,

Bhagyesh Shah 
I have been following you since the first time I have been studying under you.
Whatever I have written about you is with full dignity, respect and love for you and it is written with full heart I hope you like it.

First of all, I would like to draw the attention of people towards the importance of education in one’s life. Being educated doesn’t mean to clear the exams and get the degree certificate, it means to “Grow From Within” which helps to expand your vision to grow and learn new things with the power of confidence within yourself.
To get the confidence within yourself is the biggest thing which will drive you towards the path of excellence to achieve your goals and dreams in life.
All of us believe that it is easier to speak but difficult to do. For me also it was not easier to achieve the score of 83% marks in 12th commerce but with the proper guidance and constant support of one of my favourite Prof. “UDAYAN KACHCHHY” I was able to go through the boundary of 80% with the ingredients of Hard work, Smart work and practicing the same continuously till the end. 
Commerce stream is a deep long ocean full of sharks and whales, if you want to cross the ocean you need to have a Big vessel fully equipped and strong to face the thunderstorm and cyclone like events. To make a Big vessel you need Right Engineers to Build on and my small vessel has stopped at Right Berth to become a vessel i.e none other than Udayan sir. He is a big vessel for the commerce stream fully equipped with the strategic knowledge to clear the ocean.
Under them, I learned a lot and there is yet much more to learn because Learning Should Never Stop though how big you become in life. That is the learning I have got from the sir and his Way of dealing the situation. 
Now currently studying in H.L. Institute of commerce is a more valuable experience that I have got because of the Sir and in commerce no matter how long you go that is not enough.
Though the words to describe you may be less but whatever I have wrote is Truth and with Heart for the dignified personality like you. Hope you like it sir…… love you sir from Bhagyesh.
This is Just the little things about Udayan sir. To know more about them you Just need to go and study under them and whatever you get is the Practical Knowledge.

Varun Barot 
I'm being honest here when I say that I didn't really like the subject of Accountancy much and was always more interested in Maths when I was in 10th. I opted for Commerce in 11th so as to pursue a career in mathematics. Always thought that I would get average marks in Accountancy and would score high in statistics and would get an average result in 12th. But then came a person named "Prof. Udayan Kachchhy" in my life. A guide, A Mentor, A Teacher, A person one looks up to. He is everything. Sir was so young when I first met him, just 4 years older to me but Sir, your knowledge and your down to earth attitude has always made you a greater person than your age could ever define. The Respect I have for you is going to stay forever. The way you helped me get my interests straight is what not everyone can do. It takes a great person to do it. You reinstated my interest in the subject of Accountancy. It would be true if I say that my marks in 12th are 30% my effort and 70% your guidance. Because of Sir, I got 91 in accountancy. A paper which was very much talked about because of its errors and problems. A paper where people averaged around 80 is where I got 91. Always thought that I would get average marks but that 11 extra marks is what you get when you study under Udayan Sir. 

Sir knows our strengths and knows our weaknesses. He is very patient with everyone. He knows time is money which is another thing that he teaches us. We all know how important it is to manage time in our boards. He prepares us in such a way that we would have enough time to recheck our papers at the end. You can only know how big of a positive influence sir can be in your life after you study under him.

Currently studying in HLIC, I have my own difficulties in Accounts and I so wish I could get his guidance now. Studying under him is an opportunity that life gives you only once and one got to make the most of it. I'm currently pursuing Actuarial Science and I came to know about this career line through him. To be precise, he actually own the whole credit of me becoming an actuary if one day I would become one.

This is less than a glimpse of what Sir is capable of doing. I am lucky enough to have such a guide in my life. Never knew that a person could affect your life in such a way! #Respect #Love ❤️

Ashoina Kapadia
From the first day competition,
To the last day of farewell. 
From 4th June 2016,
To 5th March 2018.
From celebrating moments,
To collecting memories.
From laughing at one, 
To crying with all. 
From being an introvert, 
To coming out as an extrovert. 
From broken hearts, 
To unbreakable friendships. 
From a seed, 
To a plant. 
From learning studies, 
To inputting positive values. 
From being a student, 
To being a human first.
From competing with each other, 
To binding together.
From sharing food, 
To sharing deepest secrets. 
From being immature, 
To accepting the truth of life. 
From being friends, 
To being a family. - UKIC
Pooja Udhani 
Teacher more than that he is a motivator guide or even more than that he is a best supporting friend. Anytime, when I used to go for doubts he never ever said no. Even if the doubt was same asked before. The person because of whom I cleared my 12th Commerce with 87% and in economics 97 marks this is all because of his support and trust on me that I can do it. Thanks is a very small word for such a great success of my 12th. But the whole credit goes to Prof. Udayan sir. Even after 12th, the way he has supported me in my field, he gave me all the guidance which I needed. Thanks a lot in tons for being such a best teacher and playing so many roles in my life which has an endless list.
A true proven best example of a relationship between a teacher and a student.

Unnati Patel
It ‘s amazing to be a part of UKIC.
My batch was the first batch. 
We are the pioneers.
I still miss Udayan Sir’s lectures. 
My experience with UKIC is wonderful.
Thanks  to Udayan sir as he made 
whole journey of 11th & 12th memorable.
I can never forget Neelam ma'am & Khushalee di’s hard work. 
They made every thing perfect.

Thank you so much for everything. #missolddays

Sagar Lohana
I just wanted to thank you i.e the Whole UKIC family that helped me so much. 
I know it’s late but I believe that no time it too late to thank your ever well-wishers.
I was just remembering the board times, 
I want to tell you that because of your hard work on teaching me in 12th, 
I got scholarship for 3 lacs here in Canada
(which is renewable so I can get it every year), just on the basis on my 12th GSEB result.
Here’s something that I wrote in 2016 for UKIC but couldn’t submit due to reasons even unknown to me :

I had a cause
Here I was,
Not a tuition with selfish ambition,
Instead A temple with selfless dedication!
But the cause seemed so distant
They said it required persistence!

Treating everyone like a family,
They did everything happily!
Their scoldings that I used to detestate,
But now I appreciate.

They played their hearts out,
That's why we all shout :
It's not a jest,
UKIC is the best!

This gest will only rest,
If they could see,
The change they've brought within me!

Again, Thank you so much for everything UKIC
A true proven best example of a relationship between a teacher and a student.

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