Partnership Final Accounts (12th Commerce)

Language: Hindi and English

Instructors: Udayan Kachchhy

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Partnership Final Accounts

Same as a sole proprietor, the partnership firm also prepares its final accounts from the trial balance with the consideration of adjustments at the end of the year to know the earned profit or incurred losses as well as the financial status of the business.

Course Includes:

  • Introduction of Partnership Final Accounts.
  • Objectives of Partnership Final Accounts.
  • Final Accounts of Partnership Firm.
  • Adjustments of Partnership Final Accounts.
  • Sums of Partnership Final Accounts.
  • Most IMP Sums for Exam Preparation.

All Textbook sums + Practice Sums by Prof. Udayan Kachchhy

The course also includes the relevant pdf and practice Sums.

Course Curriculum

Sum 8
12th Ch 2 (P-1) Final Acc Lec 1 Preview
Sum 9
12th Ch 2 (P-1) Final Accounts Que 9
Sum 10
12th Ch 2 (P-1) Final Accounts Que 10
Sum 11
12th Final Accounts Sum 11
Sum 12
12th Final Acc Q 12
Sum 13
12th Final Accounts Q 13
Sum 14
12th Final Accounts Q 14
12th FA Sum-14
Sum 15
12th Final Acc Q 15
12th FA Sum-15
Sum 16
12th Final Accounts Q 16
12th FA Sum-16
Sum 17
12th Final Accounts Q 17
12th FA Sum-17
Sum 18
12th Final accounts Q 18
12th FA Sum-18
Sum 19
12th Final Accounts Q 19
12th FA Sum-19

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